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Hello everybody, and today we are going to be talking to you about opening your own MLB jersey shop. What we mean by this is you essentially opening your own sporting goods store just like champs or just sports.  Nothing big like Dick’s Sporting Goods but kind of a small franchise type of thing.  We encourage people to open their own sporting good stores because is a very good market to get into because there’s a lot of profit.  We spoke about buying jerseys at wholesale and selling them for much more in the last post. You can actually pick up jerseys at wholesale for One dollar each and sell them for about 100 in your store. What’s even better though, is if One dollar each and sell them for about 100 in your store. What’s even better though, is if you own a store that  sells them for even half that price then you’re going to make a lot more money than everybody else because you’re going to get more clients. When it comes to clothing, people will go to wherever has the best price to pick up their items.   Clothing is an impulse sale and is not something that people are going to want customer service to get.

Some of the pros of owning an MLB jersey shop

  • Very profitable-yes, this type of business is a highly profitable model because of the fact that you get your product for such a cheap amount of money. You can find the jerseys from China because that is where they are made. Everybody knows that things are made for extremely cheap in China so they just sell them at wholesale for a very cheap price. The wholesalers make more money by selling in bulk of thousands at a time.  You will usually buy things in orders of 1000 or more. These jerseys are extremely cheap for them to make. It usually costs them about  A dollar in labor and materials, then they sell them for about two dollars each. So you can get a jersey sets of 1004 $2000 and then sell them for $40,000 for that whole order. That is  quite a bit of profit that you made off such of a small investment right there. There is no other business model right now that is as lucrative. The biggest upside is that you don’t even have to push to really sell these things. If you offer them for $50 in your shop like we told you to, then people rush into your store and you will be sold out in no time.
  •  Easy to do-this is probably the easiest business model that is out there because all you have to do is buy from one vendor and sell out of your own. Since the sales process is not hard at all either, that’s another thing that makes this so easy.  Anybody with half a brain could run this business model because it does not take any brainpower to do. The hardest action you will have to take is keeping track of your stock and putting individual tags on each item. The best part about that that was you can hire grunt workers to do all of that work for you.

Our friend Jamison over at  (Commercial Roofing Los Angeles) is the one who gave us the idea to create this post because he is one of our friends that actually owns an MLB Jersey shop. Of Course he is a Dodgers fan and absolutely loves baseball.. We would just like to thank him for giving us the inspiration to write this post and we ask you to go support his other business located in the link above.

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