The great baseball player Ichiro


Welcome back to our blog about baseball and we will be talking about some of our favorite professional baseball players again. So today we will be  talking about one specific baseball player and that is Ichi rho who plays for the Seattle Mariners. Ichi rho is one of the most decorated baseball players of all time. Unlike everybody else, he is a baseball Player that is the most  rounded. What we mean by this is that he has high average is in everything. In other words that means that he is very good at every single position in baseball and his skill level is equal with all of them. His batting average is incredibly high and his pitching average is too.  Nobody please quite like each euro does because they are not dedicated to the sport as much as he is. He is really a player that has given his whole life to the sport and developing his skills in it. We highly respect him for this because many professional  players these days are just doing this sport for the money. When you please just for money, your skill level will start going out the window because the true passion for the sport is not there. Ichi rho on the other hand has absolute passion for baseball and that is the reason why he plays.

  •  His batting average-  ichi Rose batting average is over 700 and he has a homerun record of over 1000 homeruns in his baseball career. That is a record-breaking amount of homeruns and very few players have achieved such an accomplishment. In fact, the only person to ever hit that many  Homeruns was babe Ruth Wayback in the day. To see that kind of skill level now is amazing because we will never get the chance to see how babe played.
  •  The way he pitches-Ichi room has one of the fastest fastballs in the sport of baseball. This is something that is his absolute specialty. Sure he is good at everything else, but his main position in the sport is being a picture. He has the best fastball pitch out of anybody in   The major leagues right now. He can throw a 115 mile-per-hour fastball which is something that is record-breaking as well.  Imagine trying to hit a baseball that was flying towards you at those types of species. It would be going so fast that you would not even be able to see the ball and that is why we have to command Ichi rho for being able to throw a baseball  at speeds like that.

We have so much respect for each euro and the Seattle Mariners. That team is one of the greatest baseball teams in the country because they represent Seattle. Seattle is our hometown for the people who wrote this blog so that team would  obviously stand out to us. We are not just saying that the Mariners are one of the best teams because of biased opinions, but off the actual facts and selves. The Mariners have a huge winning streak right now and they have won  multiple games this season. If you would like to see all of the information on the recent scores from any of the Seattle Mariners’ games, then you should go to their website at to find out all of that information.

We would like to make a special shout out to our friends who are big stockholders in the Seattle Mariners. They get us free front row ticks every year and we are greatful. They have one of their businesses out in Sacramento which is a landscaping contractor

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