How to play baseball and the history.

Hey everybody, we know that yesterday we spoke about where to get MLB jerseys for cheap so today we feel like we’re going to just speak about baseball in general. In this blog post we will go over a few different things. We will start with a little bit of the history and professional players and then go into how to play the sport itself.

Let’s start off with a little bit of the history of baseball. We would like to start by telling you about Babe Ruth. Dave was probably the most famous player of all time because he has the home run record of all history. He was absolutely amazing baseball player and nobody could ever catch up to his thunder.  We make a salute to him because he died a few years ago but he really set the modern pace for baseball and what it is today.  He had so many homeruns back in the day that everybody thought he was a superhuman because of how hard he would hit those balls out of the stadium completely. He also has the record for the most grand slams out of any other MLB player in history.

Another big player in baseball history was Jackie Robinson. There was a lot of controversy over the sky back in the day because he was a black bat baseball player and he was the first one. Back in the 1930s, black baseball players did not exist. If they did, they were very frowned upon. But  if it were not for Jackie Robinson then black people probably would not be playing in baseball today. He really made history with what he did and that’s why he will always go down in the books as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. We think that there is no other player that set the pace for baseball like Jackie Robinson did. He was a major success in the sport because he broke records that nobody would ever have thought could be possible.

Now that we have gone over a brief history of some of the most famous players in baseball, now it is time to talk about how do you play the game itself. There are many positions in the game of baseball almost too many to count. There are outfield positions and batting positions. There’s the catcher, the pitcher,  all of the different baseman, the guys in the outfield to catch the longshot balls and just so many different positions you could possibly think of. The one we want to cover in this post is the batting position. We think that the best technique for batting is to practice your swing every day so that you can get it down. The biggest thing about batting is your accuracy, you want to make sure that  when you swing your hitting that ball directly. There is a very small space for you to hit that ball and if you miss it it’s either going to being you or you’re going to get a strike. One thing to note is that if you see a ball coming and you don’t swing at it because you know you’re going to miss them and that does not count as a strike it counts as a ball and if the picture gets three balls on you then you get to walk to first base for free. Now isn’t that quite a steel? We sure think it is.

The way the baseball game works is it has nine innings and each team gets three outs before you change an inning so make sure that none of your battery strike out because if you get three then your team is done for and they have to go back to the outfield.

That is the tutorial we have on baseball for today and we really hope you like it. So just remember to keep in touch with our blog so that you see the next to new post that we write.  image


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