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Hello everybody, and today we are going to be talking to you about opening your own MLB jersey shop. What we mean by this is you essentially opening your own sporting goods store just like champs or just sports.  Nothing big like Dick’s Sporting Goods but kind of a small franchise type of thing.  We encourage people to open their own sporting good stores because is a very good market to get into because there’s a lot of profit.  We spoke about buying jerseys at wholesale and selling them for much more in the last post. You can actually pick up jerseys at wholesale for One dollar each and sell them for about 100 in your store. What’s even better though, is if One dollar each and sell them for about 100 in your store. What’s even better though, is if you own a store that  sells them for even half that price then you’re going to make a lot more money than everybody else because you’re going to get more clients. When it comes to clothing, people will go to wherever has the best price to pick up their items.   Clothing is an impulse sale and is not something that people are going to want customer service to get.

Some of the pros of owning an MLB jersey shop

  • Very profitable-yes, this type of business is a highly profitable model because of the fact that you get your product for such a cheap amount of money. You can find the jerseys from China because that is where they are made. Everybody knows that things are made for extremely cheap in China so they just sell them at wholesale for a very cheap price. The wholesalers make more money by selling in bulk of thousands at a time.  You will usually buy things in orders of 1000 or more. These jerseys are extremely cheap for them to make. It usually costs them about  A dollar in labor and materials, then they sell them for about two dollars each. So you can get a jersey sets of 1004 $2000 and then sell them for $40,000 for that whole order. That is  quite a bit of profit that you made off such of a small investment right there. There is no other business model right now that is as lucrative. The biggest upside is that you don’t even have to push to really sell these things. If you offer them for $50 in your shop like we told you to, then people rush into your store and you will be sold out in no time.
  •  Easy to do-this is probably the easiest business model that is out there because all you have to do is buy from one vendor and sell out of your own. Since the sales process is not hard at all either, that’s another thing that makes this so easy.  Anybody with half a brain could run this business model because it does not take any brainpower to do. The hardest action you will have to take is keeping track of your stock and putting individual tags on each item. The best part about that that was you can hire grunt workers to do all of that work for you.

Our friend Jamison over at  (Commercial Roofing Los Angeles) is the one who gave us the idea to create this post because he is one of our friends that actually owns an MLB Jersey shop. Of Course he is a Dodgers fan and absolutely loves baseball.. We would just like to thank him for giving us the inspiration to write this post and we ask you to go support his other business located in the link above.

More places to find MLB jerseys for cheap


In this post we are going to be talking to you about more websites and places like that where you can find very cheap MLB jerseys.

  •  Salvation Army-this is actually a very good place to find good jerseys for a great price because salvation army is like Goodwill but the things are in even better quality. Salvation army only takes things that are in very decent shape  so you can know that the things you’re getting our high-quality. Some people can find very good jerseys that people have discarded for as low as five dollars each.  Now that is the price you were not going to find anywhere else. Even if you look on eBay you will not be able to get something for an auction at that cheap. You probably couldn’t even find that at an estate sale.
  •  Garage sales-garage sales are actually a very good place to go because you can find really unwanted things for as cheap as you want if you are good at negotiating. These people are selling the stuff because they want to get rid of it.  Do you think that any of the people putting garage shelves together I use things that they have? They most of the time do not say you could actually haggle them to get a very cheap price for something. At the end of the day all they want is their money so they will take just about anything. Do you only downside about garage sailing is that it will be very hard to find an MLB jersey that is in good shape.  If you are a person that is very patient then this is a good gig for you to do.
  •  Penny auction websites-one of these websites is one of the best place to pick up MLB jerseys for a great price because everything starts out at auction at just one penny. Sometimes auctions can be very high if the item is very popular, but MLB jerseys really are not so popular anymore so you should be able to get One for about $10 at the end of the auction. This is actually very good because these jerseys will be Brand Nu s One for about $10 at the end of the auction. This is actually very good because these jerseys will be Brand New  so you will not have to get something that is used.  A good example of one of these sites is
  •  Wholesale websites-this is probably the cheapest way you could ever get an MLB jersey because when you go to wholesale website you buy from companies in China. These MLB jerseys are manufactured in China so they literally buy them for about a dollar and then sell them for $50 at  Sports shops. You’ll be going to the exact vendors that the sports stores are going to so you will get it at the best price possible. The only downside to this is that you will have to buy these jerseys in bulk, but that is all right because you could easily sell off the other ones on craigslist or something for $20 a jersey. This way you’re going to get your jersey for about a dollar and everybody else on craigslist will come to you because they will get it for $30 less than what the sports store has to offer. You will actually end up making quite a bit of money off this ordeal because you usually have to order incises of 1000 or more. So you will pay $1000 for the jerseys and then you will be able to get about $20,000 back from what you sold to people on craigslist.

Once again, we hope that you liked what we had to share and please tune in within the next couple days for another article we will be posting up.

The great baseball player Ichiro


Welcome back to our blog about baseball and we will be talking about some of our favorite professional baseball players again. So today we will be  talking about one specific baseball player and that is Ichi rho who plays for the Seattle Mariners. Ichi rho is one of the most decorated baseball players of all time. Unlike everybody else, he is a baseball Player that is the most  rounded. What we mean by this is that he has high average is in everything. In other words that means that he is very good at every single position in baseball and his skill level is equal with all of them. His batting average is incredibly high and his pitching average is too.  Nobody please quite like each euro does because they are not dedicated to the sport as much as he is. He is really a player that has given his whole life to the sport and developing his skills in it. We highly respect him for this because many professional  players these days are just doing this sport for the money. When you please just for money, your skill level will start going out the window because the true passion for the sport is not there. Ichi rho on the other hand has absolute passion for baseball and that is the reason why he plays.

  •  His batting average-  ichi Rose batting average is over 700 and he has a homerun record of over 1000 homeruns in his baseball career. That is a record-breaking amount of homeruns and very few players have achieved such an accomplishment. In fact, the only person to ever hit that many  Homeruns was babe Ruth Wayback in the day. To see that kind of skill level now is amazing because we will never get the chance to see how babe played.
  •  The way he pitches-Ichi room has one of the fastest fastballs in the sport of baseball. This is something that is his absolute specialty. Sure he is good at everything else, but his main position in the sport is being a picture. He has the best fastball pitch out of anybody in   The major leagues right now. He can throw a 115 mile-per-hour fastball which is something that is record-breaking as well.  Imagine trying to hit a baseball that was flying towards you at those types of species. It would be going so fast that you would not even be able to see the ball and that is why we have to command Ichi rho for being able to throw a baseball  at speeds like that.

We have so much respect for each euro and the Seattle Mariners. That team is one of the greatest baseball teams in the country because they represent Seattle. Seattle is our hometown for the people who wrote this blog so that team would  obviously stand out to us. We are not just saying that the Mariners are one of the best teams because of biased opinions, but off the actual facts and selves. The Mariners have a huge winning streak right now and they have won  multiple games this season. If you would like to see all of the information on the recent scores from any of the Seattle Mariners’ games, then you should go to their website at to find out all of that information.

We would like to make a special shout out to our friends who are big stockholders in the Seattle Mariners. They get us free front row ticks every year and we are greatful. They have one of their businesses out in Sacramento which is a landscaping contractor

How to play baseball and the history.

Hey everybody, we know that yesterday we spoke about where to get MLB jerseys for cheap so today we feel like we’re going to just speak about baseball in general. In this blog post we will go over a few different things. We will start with a little bit of the history and professional players and then go into how to play the sport itself.

Let’s start off with a little bit of the history of baseball. We would like to start by telling you about Babe Ruth. Dave was probably the most famous player of all time because he has the home run record of all history. He was absolutely amazing baseball player and nobody could ever catch up to his thunder.  We make a salute to him because he died a few years ago but he really set the modern pace for baseball and what it is today.  He had so many homeruns back in the day that everybody thought he was a superhuman because of how hard he would hit those balls out of the stadium completely. He also has the record for the most grand slams out of any other MLB player in history.

Another big player in baseball history was Jackie Robinson. There was a lot of controversy over the sky back in the day because he was a black bat baseball player and he was the first one. Back in the 1930s, black baseball players did not exist. If they did, they were very frowned upon. But  if it were not for Jackie Robinson then black people probably would not be playing in baseball today. He really made history with what he did and that’s why he will always go down in the books as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. We think that there is no other player that set the pace for baseball like Jackie Robinson did. He was a major success in the sport because he broke records that nobody would ever have thought could be possible.

Now that we have gone over a brief history of some of the most famous players in baseball, now it is time to talk about how do you play the game itself. There are many positions in the game of baseball almost too many to count. There are outfield positions and batting positions. There’s the catcher, the pitcher,  all of the different baseman, the guys in the outfield to catch the longshot balls and just so many different positions you could possibly think of. The one we want to cover in this post is the batting position. We think that the best technique for batting is to practice your swing every day so that you can get it down. The biggest thing about batting is your accuracy, you want to make sure that  when you swing your hitting that ball directly. There is a very small space for you to hit that ball and if you miss it it’s either going to being you or you’re going to get a strike. One thing to note is that if you see a ball coming and you don’t swing at it because you know you’re going to miss them and that does not count as a strike it counts as a ball and if the picture gets three balls on you then you get to walk to first base for free. Now isn’t that quite a steel? We sure think it is.

The way the baseball game works is it has nine innings and each team gets three outs before you change an inning so make sure that none of your battery strike out because if you get three then your team is done for and they have to go back to the outfield.

That is the tutorial we have on baseball for today and we really hope you like it. So just remember to keep in touch with our blog so that you see the next to new post that we write.  image


Cheap mlb jerseys


Hello everybody welcome back to the blog about sports news and buying MLB jerseys for a cheap price. Today we will be covering the subject of where to get MLB jerseys and the cheapest price possible.

When looking for in MLB jersey at a cheap price what you want to do is go to on the hobby shops around your town first thing and look for used jerseys that are still in good shape. Those are the places where you are going to find jerseys for the best price in town. When going to a shop going and look through the racks of clothes and find a good jersey that is not tattered. You want to make sure that it still looks new so that all of your friends and family are going to think that you just bought it brand-new at full price. When you are in the store make sure to find the jersey of your favorite team as well. You don’t want to be wearing jersey from a team you hate right?

The next place you want to look if you cannot find a cheap jersey at the hobby shop around town is online. There are plenty of new websites that are up-and-coming that are selling sports memorabilia for a very good and affordable price. What you want to do is go to the websites that are not as popular because they will oftentimes have very Big discounts on what they are selling. If you cannot find one on one of those websites, then go ahead and go to something like just and see if they are running a sale. Just will sometimes one fails on jerseys as high as 60% off. Now if you tell us, that is a very good buy on especially a brand-new jersey that hasn’t been worn by anybody. And if you cannot find anything at just sports then the next place should be eBay. EBay is probably the number one spot for finding jerseys at the cheapest price. We have seen MLB jerseys go for as low as 10 bucks a jersey on eBay. This is because most of the time half of the jerseys are fake, but who cares? If it looks good then just wear it, you’re going to save a lot of money. One thing you want to watch out for when you’re buying things on TV is a scam artists not sending you the actual product. You want to make sure that the person you’re buying from is a reputable seller because often times people get ripped off on this website. It is very easy to do and people run things through fake bank accounts and eBay accounts so that they can never be tracked.Overall, just make sure that nobody takes it advantage of you.

The last and final place you would want to look is at estate sales and yard sales around your town. Often times you will find some dumb old man who is selling a signed jersey that he got at a baseball game 50 years ago for 20 bucks because he has no idea what it is worth. We had somebody go to an estate sale and pick up an MLB jersey that was signed by babe Ruth himself and in that person sold it for $50,000. We found this mind-boggling that somebody picked up the jersey for five bucks at a garage sale. The old person that sold that thing must’ve not had a good head on their shoulders or they wouldn’t have got rid of it. This is by far the cheapest possible place you can find real authentic signed jerseys. The only problem with this method is that it is going to be very hard to find a good one because it is very rare that anybody even collects these things.

We sincerely appreciate you coming to our block today to read our new post. Hopefully that this information we shared will help you in finding an MLB jersey for a great price!

Cheapmlbjersey’s first blogpost

Here at cheap MLB jerseys we are a blog that is dedicated to baseball. Not only will we give you information on where to find MLB jerseys at the cheapest price, but  we will also give you information on the simple topic of baseball. You can expect there to be posts about all the different positions in baseball, how to swing a bat, how to pitch, and many other tutorials.

We are a group of baseball enthusiasts that have been participating in the sport for many years. A couple of the people on her team are X MLB players themselves and another is a coach. We want to be known as the baseball experts on the Internet Have a sites where people can go to for all the information on baseball that they need. We think that baseball is an amazing Sport and a lot more people need to be playing it. Baseball has been dying over the past few decades, seeing less and less fans every year.  We think that when we share our expertise with the world though, people will learn how to play baseball the proper way and then they will like it. It is sad to see that America’s pastime sport is the one that is slowly going out of business.

Baseball is in amazing sport because it’s the only one that brings true sportsmanship to the game. Both teams always have full respect for each other and  baseball is in amazing sport because it’s the only one that brings true sportsmanship to the game. Both teams always have full respect for each other and there is no other sport that promotes teamwork like baseball dollars. It’s a game that because of the position requires people to work together. Unlike football were every asshole just wants to hog the ball and get all the glory and attention.

please continue to read this blog daily and tell all your friends about it so that we can finally have people get back into baseball again, especially the younger generation.

We thank you for   Visiting our blog today and good luck on your baseball journeys. If you’re confused about what our page offers, Then please visit the about cheap MLB jerseys page


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